Excited for Workshop

I've done animal building workshops in the past and taught ceramics at the colleges and at private studios, but this is the 1st time I'll be sharing my building techniques with a class! Most of my sculptural work is done using a solid build method that I hollow out. Over the years I slowly evolved into this style of building. I tried slab and coil with an occasional pinch-pot method in there, but usually ended up struggling in getting a more organic, gestural flow in the piece. I loved doing solid builds but hated the time consuming (and reclaim process of the inside clay) hollowing out. After many, many, many sculptures I finally realized, solid build helps me bring my imagination to reality. And with that, I also had to embrace all that process entails. So with a little attitude adjustment, I have learned to enjoy hollowing out and even reclaiming that clay.

And with all that, I am excited to share my techniques and tips and tricks. In the workshop, the student will be making the animal (or creature) of their choice. I will teach a bit of anatomy, demo building techniques and give one-on-one help to each student. The class is gonna be small so everyone can get lots of individual attention and end the weekend with something they are proud of.

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